Media testing: measure the performance of alternative media plans before making your decision

  • What is the effect of increasing or reducing advertising?
  • Continuity, bursting, seasonality: what is my best scheduling strategy?
  • What percentage of total media spend should I devote to digital?
  • How can I optimise media allocation within a flat budget?
  • Does my TV plan have the right daypart allocation?
  • What is the impact of new media on my marketing mix?

These are just some of the questions that our clients have asked of us. In France, MarketingScan is the only market research agency able to differentiate media stimuli between urban areas. We help you make the right decision for your future media plan.

Unique real-life media test solutions so that you can get the best value out of your advertising budget

Our capabilities for testing new media plans are based on our access to captive audiences representative of the French consumers.

MarketingScan offers you the option to adapt your media plan or create a new one specifically targeted at one or more of these test areas. We can manage all media: digital, out-of-home, radio, cinema, word-of-mouth, press, etc.

Our solution includes the unique ability to modify an actual TV plan, both with French terrestrial TV channels and Digital Television networks.

We use unique and complementary data sets that are continuously collected in our test areas, with around 600,000 inhabitants.

Building on our advertising expertise, recognised by advertisers, agencies and media networks alike, we deliver in-depth impact assessment, backed up by relevant benchmarks, the integration of the store context, and an accurate monitoring of promotions.

The must-have KPIs for the right decision

A comprehensive evaluation of the tested media option against your large-scale media plan:

  • Incremental sales volume/turnover for the advertised brand
  • Halo effect for the brand
  • Impact on the SOM and competitors
  • Impact on market penetration and consumer loyalty
In order to increase the performances of our brands, we wished to measure the effect of a strengthening of their presence in Peak time TV. Considering the investment which it represents, it was very important to pre-test this strategy in real condition. Only the TV solution of MarketingScan allowed us to make it and to…
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The MarketingScan market research has allowed us to measure the impact on sales of a change in the Facebook/TV Mix Media in order to optimize our communication strategy and investments. Thanks to its unique Media test plan, MarketingScan is able to modify Media broadcast settings in a localized area. Indeed, we could easily modify pressures…
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