As French FMCG sector specialists, we help leading manufacturers, retailers, media agencies, and media networks to form solid decisions based upon consumer and sales data.

Our expertise focuses on two core areas

  • Product testing (brand innovation and packaging)
  • Marketing performance measurement (media mix, merchandising, promotion and CRM)
    In actual distribution and buying conditions.

Unique testing and measurement solutions

MarketingScan relies on proprietary and complementary data sources and capabilities:

  • A single-source panel (media & consumption behaviours) targeted at 3 urban areas representative of the French consumers.
  • Hypermarket and Supermarket sales data from these same areas, with a total population of over 600,000 inhabitants.
  • Data from the 16 million loyalty cards distributed by 3 retail groups (Auchan, Système U and Cora).

Our proprietary testing and measurement solutions are deeply set in the real world. We can assess a product at any stage in its life cycle.

GfK and Médiamétrie Joint Venture

MarketingScan was founded in 1994. Its ownership is shared 50/50 by Médiamétrie, the French leader in audience measurement, and GfK, the 4th largest global market research company.


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