Major business growth opportunities can be created by:

  • Rolling out a new or disruptive product
  • Extending an existing brand into a new segment
  • Introducing a global brand onto the French market.

We understand how important it is for our clients to assess the potential of any proposed project and associated support plans including media and promotional campaigns, before deciding to launch across France and committing to any necessary related investments.

Only a test carried out in genuine buying conditions can offer the best prediction of your brand innovation’s future performance. It is only when your new product is on display in real stores that it can be subjected to real shoppers making genuine spending decisions.

A comprehensive assessment of your brand innovation in genuine buying conditions

Using our captive test areas, representative of the French consumers, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your brand innovation while also delivering customised support.

MarketingScan takes care of in-store listings of test products as well as daily store checks and shelf replenishment through our local field teams.

We can replicate your intended support plan in our test areas by negotiating and implementing the following on your behalf: in-store campaigns including displays, product demonstrations, etc. and/or media campaigns on local TV, posters, radio, digital, cinema, press, etc.

We develop a comprehensive evaluation of your brand’s potential based on in-store sales and purchase behaviour data. For deeper insights, we can also run in-store or after usage interviews of your new product’s buyers and non-buyers.


Optimise your brand innovation strategy by testing in genuine market conditions

Expected outcomes from testing in genuine market conditions are:

An assessment of a new product’s impact as indicative of more widespread potential performance across France:

  • Sales volume and turnover for the new product within its category, against benchmarks
  • Market penetration and repeat purchase rate against benchmarks
  • Origin of first-time buyers
  • Potential to bring new buyers to the brand
  • Incremental brand turnover generated by the brand innovation
  • Buyers’ profiles vs category and benchmarks

An analysis of the effectiveness of any support plans used during the test with a view to improving the roll-out plan.

An assessment of a new product’s impact as convincing evidence for sell-through:

  • Ability to attract new buyers to the category
  • Incremental turnover for the category
  • Origin of sales volume to determine gains to other brands

We help you to understand the “why” beyond the “what” with optional interviews of your new product’s buyers and non-buyers or any other shopper targets.

Ferrero strives for test in real life conditions whether we want to test a new product or a new merchandising strategy. This approach is much more relevant than a simulated test. This methodology is the only one able to guarantee more precise predictions. MarketingScan is seen as a best in class inside our group Ferrero regarding…
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With the MarketingScan test market, we were able to validate our Marketing mix and our launch plan for Philadelphia. For example, the results had us question the efficiency of our TV advertising campaigns and later optimize the copy. Besides, we also adapted our promotional strategy, since we now know the most efficient way to invest…
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