Measuring your French nationwide media campaign’s impact with our post-testing solution is part of a general approach dealing with incrementality measurement, understanding the consumer dynamics at play, and ROI optimisation.

Media post-test: measuring the performance of your French nationwide campaigns

  • What is their effect on sales?
  • Is your media campaign cost-effective?
  • How should you optimise your campaign to boost incremental sales?
  • What is the attrition rate of your media campaigns on sales over time?

Advertisers need to track their campaigns’ cost-effectiveness across all media. Give yourself the means to measure your ROI with our post-testing tool.

Measure your campaign’s impact on buyers’ behaviour

We can perform media campaign post-testing using our dedicated, proprietary panel of representative French households.

We measure the net impact of your ad by comparing the buying trend between exposed and non-exposed individuals.

Additionally, we can set up dedicated protocols based on the data from French loyalty card schemes of Auchan, Système U and Cora retail chains, representing 16 million card holders.

With more than 1,000 post-tested campaigns under our belt to date, we can share relevant benchmark data and bring additional valuable insights to our clients.

Measure, analyse, optimise

MarketingScan media post-testing provides:

1) A comprehensive evaluation of campaign impact:

  • Incremental sales volume
  • Consumer dynamics: market penetration or increased average purchase volume?
  • Pure buyer acquisition
  • Campaign efficiency on your Marketing and Media targets
  • Defensive and/or offensive effect
  • Campaign impact on competitors and retailers’ own label brands

2) Ways to improve opportunities by analysing:

  • Synergy between media and promotion (advertised brand and competitors)
  • Ad sales impact by number of contacts
  • Response curves
  • Socio-demographic profiles reached
  • Media affinities of brand buyers
In our last campaign concerning one of our core product, One Blade, the MarketingScan study was able to make us quantify the impact of a digital investment (YouTube in that case), in support of our TV campaign. With significant uplifts, in term of volume and turnover on our offline sales, we could evaluate concretely the…
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Through the MediaScan Exposure Effect post test, we were able in a single study to understand the holistic effects of our communication : The impact of our campaign in terms of creative impact, visibility and brand linkage . Its strength to foster call to action within our consumers and its impact on awareness, brand image.…
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With this MediaScan Affichage test, we were able to measure the precise impact of our campaign on sales. The results were both clearly presented and synthetic.   Market Research Analyst
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This study allowed us to accurately evaluate the impact of our advertising on our sales by dissociating the effects in terms of recruitment and retention of our buyers. We chose the MarketingScan solution because we were convinced - a fortiori during the COVID period - that only an exposure based on audimeters would allow a…
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