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Measure the ROI and optimize the targeting of your customer loyalty program

Customer relationship management programs (known as “CRM”, i.e. newsletter with recipe ideas or discount coupons and other paper consumer magazines, ect) are undergoing a major revival: indeed, in a context of increased competition and volatility of consumers, who are always better informed, acquisition strategies must now be accompanied by loyalty strategies. It is in this context that loyalty programs have acquired a new real value in recent years., by adapting to new uses and new channels (social networks, mobile, e-commerce, etc.).

The implementation of the new GDPR regulation almost sounded the death knell for CRM programs. But today, with respect for the use of personal data, all programms have been rethought in the digital and mobile age, they help brands by allowing them to focus on qualified data, in total transparency with their customers, to gain their trust and commitment.

A GDPR compliant methodology to measure the effectiveness of your CRM program in 4 steps.

The efficiency analysis of your CRM program aims to link your customer knowledge and their consumption, in order to evaluate the impact on their real purchasing behavior once exposed to the program, so that you can calculate the ROI of your CRM actions over time and optimize them if necessary.


1_Preliminary encryption of your database according to the method communicated by MarketingScan


2_ Cross-referencing your customer base (e.g. list of encrypted emails) with the cardholder base of a partner retailer to identify a group of common households: the exposed to those programs


3_ Statistical Matching of groups of households Exposed vs. a group of households Non-exposed to the CRM Program, according to relevant criteria of profiles and purchases


4_ Measuring the impact of CRM on purchases between Exposed and Non-exposed households

Answers on the impact of your relationship program:

  • Incrémental sales generated for your brands
  • Ability to build loyalty (QA/NA, QA/Act, frequency)
  • Recruitment power (NA) and ability to make your customers move within your ranges
  • Calculation of the extrapolated ROI for all retailers
  • Identification of the most reactive sub-populations (new, old, coupon users, PMG users of BR…)
  • Validation of the relevance of the certification of your database

The advantages of our impact measurement protocol:

  • Incomparable statistical reliability
  • Unparalleled baseline observations
  • Highly detailed analysis for true optimization of your program
  • Smoothing of promotional phenomena
Thanks to the MarketingScan study, we were able to precisely measure the additional turnover generated by our CRM program, with a very appreciable granularity of analysis: impact by source of recruitment, by activated sub-targets, according to seniority in the program and also with an extremely fine reading of effectiveness by range and product. In addition,…
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The results of the MarketingScan study on the impact of our CRM program allowed us to make informed and rational decisions. They will greatly help us optimize our action plan! Head of Media and CRM Group
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