Ad4Sales measures the effectiveness of TV ads with unprecedented power
by linking exposure and actual household purchases

This unique system will cross-reference TV exposure data from nearly 6 million Orange and SFR set-top box subscribers who have given their consent, with transactional data from 7.5 million U customers.
MarketingScan, an expert in the measurement of advertising effectiveness and consumer goods, has been chosen as a trusted third party for the processing of this data as well as for the deployment of the Ad4Sales solution to market players.

A solution that increases TV efficiency measurement tenfold
by freeing it from the usual constraints of penetration

MarketingScan has developed a Single Source panel of 220,000 households representative of the French population, whose data is anonymised, and which pushes the limits of all current analyses. Ad4Sales opens the field of possibilities for campaign analysis concerning:

  • innovations
  • low penetration brands
  • rare targets, whether based on purchasing behaviour, TV behaviour or ad hoc targets

Media market players will thus be able to rely on a benchmark measurement solution to assess TV effectiveness in all its current and future forms: traditional TV or sponsorship, segmented TV, TV combined with digital, replay, display or promotional actions.

After an experimental phase, a launch planned for 1 February 2022

The approach has already been the subject of several pilots carried out with advertisers representing various market universes and communication objectives. This exploration phase has made it possible to validate the reliability and representativeness of the data, as well as the suitability of the solution to the needs of the market.

During discussions with pilot customers, the Ad4Sales solution reveals very in-depth analysis possibilities, with a wide range of new applications:

  • What incremental sales are generated through TV communication? This is true regardless of the brand’s level of penetration, including for a product launch
  • What are the mechanisms behind advertising effectiveness? Recruitment of new consumers or increased purchase levels?
  • What are the spin-offs and halo effects of my campaign on my products and competitors?
  • What is the optimal repetition threshold to maximise sales? What is the threshold for the number of contacts delivered to trigger a purchase?
  • Is the impact better on a specific target of buyers (e.g. the big buyers of my brand…)?
  • What effectiveness according to the media target (socio-demo or data)?
  • Is one of the copies used more effective than the other?
  • Does the copy suffer from wear and tear as it is broadcast?
  • What is the return on advertising expenditure (ROAS) generated for the advertiser?

This new generation solution is also designed to help market players optimise their media plans and advertising agencies to propose new targeting upstream.
It offers new possibilities to measure Advanced TV, and in particular Segmented TV, which is expected to be a major growth area for advertising investments from 2022 onwards by agencies, advertising sales houses and advertisers. Ad4Sales will enable objective measurement of the quantitative impact and ROI of these new-generation TV campaigns, opening the door to increasingly precise targeting, from the advertiser’s CRM or other data sources, and generating value.