Context & objective
In order to promote the Pom’potes® brand’s commitments, the MOM group, accompanied by Spark Foundry, asked Adot to deploy a digital campaign.
Adot’s cross-device marketing suite was chosen to deploy a complete and innovative digital device by :

– identifying several affinity audience segments and their buying motivations.
– selecting the best performing videos to adapt them according to the ratings obtained.
– orchestrating a cross-device digital campaign with multiple video copies to meet the purchase drivers of each target.

MarketingScan measures the effectiveness of this campaign thanks to its A/B testing system,
Two test areas are activated: one without the digital component, the other exposed to the Adot device.


Considering its impact on the sales of the Pom’Potes® brand (Pom’Potes Bio range and no added sugar range), this campaign is a success.
It generates an increment of 5% on sales in value for the Pom’Potes Bio range and 6% in value for the No Added Sugar range..

Jérôme Mariot, Media & Digital Marketing Manager at MOM Group:

After working together with the Pom’Potes®, Spark Foundry and Adot marketing teams, we were able to put in place a precision marketing strategy which enabled us, prior to the campaign, to build ultra-affluent audience segments and optimise our creative assets. This approach paid off for the brand, with significant uplifts in both value and volume, as measured by MarketingScan.

Marie-Anne Robert, Managing Director at Spark Foundry:

At Spark we are committed to proposing innovative strategies to meet the growth challenges of our clients. We test solutions that meet our clients’ marketing and financial challenges and we remain attentive to the developments proposed by our partners, whom we challenge in the common interest.

Delphine Dessaux, Head of CPG at Adot:

It was very exciting to be able to work with the Spark Foundry and MOM Group teams on this innovative campaign. This activation demonstrates that Adot is capable of proposing adapted and effective solutions for each stage of the customer journey, from identifying the most appealing populations to measuring the final purchase in shop.