Pack Impact Online, an agile tool that helps brands identify the most impactful packaging path to the brand’s or category’s real buyers, now overcomes the limitations of brand/product penetration rates

To extend the success of the Pack Impact protocols (at the point of sale or online), MarketingScan, a research company specialising in product testing, and iligo, an agency specialising in the study of shopper behaviour, continue to innovate and offer the possibility of interviewing proven buyers of a brand with a low penetration rate, a specific reference or the latest innovation.

These proven buyers are selected by MarketingScan based on their actual purchase behaviour scanned at the time of checkout from among several million loyalty card holders.

The Pack Impact Online tool allows to measure and compare the effectiveness of several packaging options and to define the best option according to the proven buyers of the brand or category, which is its real strength and differentiation..
The Pack Impact Online tool thus enables brands to address their core target group with certainty, identified in a passive manner, thus avoiding the bias of targeting based on declarations.

In concrete terms, the Pack Impact Onlineprotocol is based on:

  • Interviews with actual buyers of the brand, competing brands or the category
  • Several groups of buyers are formed, each one testing a packaging (current or envisaged). These groups are obviously similar in terms of socio-demographics and purchasing behaviour to ensure full comparability.
  • The groups of buyers are then confronted with a real shop shelf in which the packaging to be evaluated is inserted (high quality photo montage made by a web design agency). The packaging is then shown in close-up.
  • After exposure, the groups of buyers answer the same online questionnaire aimed at measuring the effectiveness of each pack: memorization, visual attractiveness, comprehension, differentiation, incentive to purchase, etc.

The Pack Impact Online protocol is an effective solution that is appreciated by customers. As proof, the testimony of the St Michel brand:

As part of a packaging change for a major brand in our portfolio, we were hesitating between several design hypotheses and needed to base our decision on shoppers’ opinions.
The Pack Impact Online study proposed by MarketingScan and iligo allows us to measure very precisely the emergence, memorability, attractiveness, enjoyment, understanding, image and purchase intention of each alternative compared to the current pack. The advantage of the approach lies in the unique possibility of interviewing real buyers of the identified category or brand based on their actual buying behaviour scanned at the checkout. We were also seduced by the immersion aspect of our pack visuals inside a department thanks to the very realistic inlay made from photos taken in shop.
In the end, the rendering is fluid, fast and the results of the study allowed us to make an informed decision on the pack design best suited to the current pack buyers.

Impact Online Pack: the flexibility of an online study combined with the reliability of a survey carried out among a target group of proven buyers, with no brand/product penetration constraints!

The Pack Impact Online methodology has 5 major benefits:

  • Its targeting, which combines precision (actual purchases) and the power of transactional data from several million loyalty card holders.
  • Its online solution, which overcomes some of the difficulties of in-store production and avoids the need for the brand to have physical prototypes.
  • The quality of its photo montage made by a web design agency in order to perfectly integrate the prototypes with a real photo of a shop shelf.
  • Its single rate regardless of the brand/product penetration rate and therefore the incidence of the target to be questioned (high or low brand penetration), allowing readings on targets impossible in real or simulated shops.
  • Solid recommendations on which track(s) to pursue, obtained in 2 weeks.

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Fabien Vital

Céline Pasquier