Context & objective
Nestlé Waters called on Waze to communicate with millions of motorists in addition to a classic multimedia campaign (TV & VoL).
The aim of this Drive to Store campaign is to boost in-store sales of the Perrier® fines bulles brand.

MarketingScan measures the impact on sales thanks to its A/B testing system,
In concrete terms, MarketingScan uses two test zones: one serving as a benchmark in which TV + VOL is broadcast, the other in which Waze + TV + VOL is broadcast.


Of the two strategies, the one including Waze proved to be the more effective.
In addition to a multi-media communication, Waze generates an incremental 16% on sales volume (+17% in value).
Increased efficiency was also observed in the recruitment of new customers: +33% on the size of the customer base with Waze vs. the classic campaign.

+17% on value sales


+33% on customer size


Armelle Roulland, Digital Director, Nestlé Waters :

Waze contributed to our overall media strategy by bringing our brand top of mind for customers right before they walked into the store, prompting a purchase