Nutella B-Ready: success of a major innovation tested with MarketingScan!

Testing approaches on truly representative areas of the national, with a real perception of our challenges.

Ferrero strives for test in real life conditions whether we want to test a new product or a new merchandising strategy. This approach is much more relevant than a simulated test.This methodology is the only one able to guarantee more precise predictions.

MarketingScan is seen as a best in class inside our group Ferrero regarding their test areas which are completly representative of a national context through their consumer panel. Moreover, it is possible to activate your media or promotion strategy on certain areas which conditions are very close from a national launch. One more time we confirm our satisfaction toward MarketingScan for the launch of Nutella B-Ready.
The performances of our product which were stated by MarketingScan are tightly aligned to the results we get now.

Our long term partnership with MarketingScan allowed us to get better perceptions of our challenges, it is also helping us to understand properly our performances.

FERRERO, Florence Bruetschy, Spe Unit Manager France