6 seconds to convince: it’s short. Too short ? When some theorize, others test and analyze. This is the case of PepsiCo for its brand Lipton Green Ice Tea. Convinced of the media performance of Bumper Ads, YouTube’s 6-second non-skippable format, the company is seeking to measure its business impact of a reallocation of the equivalent of 17% of GRP TV on YouTube. Result: +13% on sales.

Pepsico is convinced that online video, especially YouTube, must be used in addition to TV talk.
An approach that, for the company, must also focus on short formats, impacting, mobile first and especially branded from the first second.
To test this approach, with a 100% Bumper Ads, Lipton Green Ice Tea partners with MarketingScan to measure the impact on sales of a 6-second format.
As part of this study, the iced tea brand transfers the equivalent of 17% of its TV budget to YouTube. It then defines, with the MarketingScan device, a single TV broadcast area and a TV + YouTube broadcast area.
After a month of experimentation, the media mix online and offline adopted reveals its effectiveness.