Médiamétrie’s Data Enriching offer makes it possible to integrate into TV media planning data targets created from recent digital behaviour observed in the Global Internet audience measurement. More precisely, these targets are defined on the basis of Internet users’ web browsing (sites visited, time spent, searches carried out, purchase intentions).
The advertiser can thus create its own behavioural TV target from its data, by constituting a data cluster according to its own characteristics, and then address this target in the context of a TV advertising campaign.
Thanks to its A/B testing system, MarketingScan can measure the effectiveness of this innovative targeting compared to a traditional socio-demographic plan.


+8% increment vs. socio-demo targeting

In February 2020, Blédina with M6 Publicité integrated this new device into a TV campaign, and the results were clear.
By crossing Médiamat target “Women aged 25-49 with children aged 0-3 at home” with behaviours from the Mediamétrie global Internet panel, such as key words and sites in the baby universe, Blédina increased its sales by 8% compared to traditional socio-demographic targeting.