Context & objective
Borges wished to modify the packaging of one of its main ranges as part of a redesign of its brand image.
The company, which specialises in olives, consulted MarketingScan about the possibility of interviewing shoppers in a natural purchasing situation in order to

  • Identify the impact of pack changes on shoppers
  • Validate the new pack options

To answer these questions, MarketingScan and iligo have proposed the Pack Impact methodology to support Borges in these pack changes:

  • Identifying the possible levers and obstacles among shoppers in the category
  • Via a real-life survey conducted at the time of purchase in shop
  • Answers in terms of emergence, enjoyment, benefits and incentives to purchase

The iligo-MarketingScan partnership makes it possible to question and observe shoppers’ behaviour directly in shop, in a natural purchasing situation.
For this test, MarketingScan set up the new packs to be evaluated in several shops that are part of its system.
In concrete terms, two groups were exposed to the packaging in the shop: a control group with the current packaging, and a test group with the new packaging in the form of a prototype on a real shelf.
After exposure, the two groups answer a questionnaire administered in situ, which aims to measure a series of key metrics: brand recognition, visual appeal, comprehension, enjoyment, differentiation, associated benefits, incentive to purchase, persuasion, etc.

The Borges marketing team

Thank you for your excellent support from the beginning to the end of the project, responsiveness and flexibility despite the very tight deadlines particularly during the creation of the questionnaire, in order to best adapt to our market and brand issues.
We were particularly impressed by: the real-life situation, a real plus, the possibility of exchanging directly with the field teams on the implementation of the test (merchandising), the creation of the models and finally the very high quality feedback from someone who took part in the interviews.