The Show&Learn® solution allows brands to test the reception of their innovation for 2 days in a real store, by shoppers in a natural shopping situation.

A 360° diagnosis of product reception:
A collection of real-life insights through interviews with shoppers in stores:

Concretely, the new product is presented to the consumers of the defined target on a demonstration stand during 2 days in store. The product is also available for sale in the desired department(s).

Customers are recruited on the shelf or at the stand and invited to give their opinion on the new product by answering a series of questions both before and after tasting, sampling or testing the product.

Interviews are coordinated by MarketingScan teams and often co-constructed with the brand’s multidisciplinary teams (R&D, sales, marketing, research) who particularly appreciate being in direct contact with their consumers without any filter.

Then, after the interview, the interviewed consumers can decide whether or not to buy the product at the tested price.

Show&Learn® allows you to question 80 to 100 consumers and to distinguish what they like/dislike about different items and by making out the buyers and the actual non-buyers of the product tested.

It is also possible to enrich the diagnosis by recruiting in-store volunteers to answer an an online questionnaire after tasting the product at home.

Faster, more accessible, but also more confidential and always with the undisputed advantage of real consumer arbitration in a real store.
  • Easier to set up, Show&Learn® only requires a few dozen of products finalized
  • Faster, the test is set up within 3 weeks and the results are available within 10 days
  • More confidential, the innovation is present in only one store and disappears after only 2 days of sales

« Our customers expect faster, more accessible but also more confidential solutions to test their innovation. Show&Learn® fits perfectly into this logic. Our customers can subscribe to it independently of or during a MarketingScan test to quickly obtain the opinion of real consumers and concrete optimization leads. .» adds Fabien Vital, MarketingScan’s Sales & Communication Director.